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Getting started  - Bluetooth hands-free connection - Audio - Volvo XC90 Owners Manual - Volvo XC90

Use the controls in the center console (3) or the buttons in the steering wheel keypad to access, navigate and make selections in the hands-free systems menus.


A short press on the PHONE button in the center console activates the hands-free system.

The text PHONE will appear at the top of the display to indicate that the audio system is in telephone mode.

The hands-free symbol indicates that the hands-free system is active.

A long press on the PHONE button deactivates the hands-free system and disconnects the cell phone.

Connecting cell phones

The procedure for connecting a cell phone varies, depending on the phone itself, and on whether or not the phone has been previously connected.

If this is the first time the phone is to be connected to the hands-free system, proceed as follows:

Alternative 1using the vehicle's menus

1. Activate the cell phones Bluetooth function (refer to the phones owners manual if necessary) or go to
2. Activate the vehicles Bluetooth handsfree system by briefly pressing the PHONE button.

> Add phone will be displayed. If one or more cell phones are already registered in the system, they will also be displayed.

3. Select Add phone.

> The audio system will search for cell phones that are in range. This search takes approximately 30 seconds. Any phones detected will be displayed with their Bluetooth names. The hands-free systems Bluetooth name will appear in the cell phones display as My Volvo Car.

4. Select one of the cell phones shown in the audio systems (center console) display.
5. Using the cell phones keypad, enter the digits shown in the audio systems display.

Alternative 2using the cell phones menus

1. Activate the hands-free system by briefly pressing the PHONE button in the center console. If there is a cell phone connected, disconnect it from the hands-free system.
2. Perform a search using the cell phones Bluetooth function (consult the cell phones owners manual if necessary).
3. Select My Volvo Car in the list of devices shown in the cell phones display.
4. When prompted, enter the PIN code 1234 in the cell phone.
5. Connect to My Volvo Car from the cell phone.

The cell phone will be registered and will be connected automatically to the audio system while the text Synchronizing is displayed. For more information on synchronizing a cell phone.

When a connection has been established, the Bluetooth symbol and the cell phones Bluetooth name will be displayed. The cell phone can now be controlled from the audio system.

Making a call

1. Ensure that PHONE is shown at the top of the center console display and that the briefly on symbol is visible (by pressing briefly on PHONE on the center console).
2. Dial the desired phone number or use the phone book.
3. Press ENTER.

End the call by pressing EXIT.

Disconnecting the cell phone

The cell phone is automatically disconnected from the audio system if it is moved out of range. For more information about connections.

The cell phone can be manually disconnected from the hands-free system by pressing PHONE. The hands-free system is also deactivated when the ignition is switched off (or if the drivers door is opened on vehicles equipped with the optional keyless drive).

When the cell phone is disconnected from the hands-free system, a call in progress can be continued using the cell phones own speaker and microphone.

Certain cell phones may require confirmation from the phones keypad when a call is transferred from hands-free to the cell phone.

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