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Certain models are equipped with a tire sealing system that enables you to temporarily seal a hole in the tread surface and re-inflate a flat tire, or to adjust a tires inflation pressure.

The system consists of an air compressor, a container for the sealing compound, wiring to connect the system to the vehicles electrical system via one of the 12-volt sockets, and a hose used to connect the system to the tires inflation valve.

The 12-volt sockets are located on the rear side of the center console (in the rear seat) and in the cargo area.

Accessing the tire sealing system

The tire sealing system is stowed under the floor of the cargo area. To access it:

1. Fold up or remove any protective floor covering or carpet.
2. Open the floor hatch.
3. Lift out the tire sealing system.

The tire sealing system is only intended to seal holes on the tires tread area, not the sidewall.
Tires with large holes or tears cannot be repaired with the tire sealing system.
After use, stow the tire sealing system properly to help prevent rattling.

After using the tire sealing system, the vehicle should not be driven farther than approximately 120 miles (200 km).
Have the tire inspected by a trained and qualified Volvo service technician as soon as possible to determine if it can be permanently repaired or must be replaced.
The vehicle should not be driven faster than 50 mph (80 km/h) while using a tire that has been temporarily repaired with the tire sealing system.
After using the tire sealing system, drive carefully and avoid abrupt steering maneuvers and sudden stops.

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