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Х The air conditioning functions only at temperatures above 32∞F (0∞C).
Х While the Defroster function is selected, the air conditioning is temporarily activated to dehumidify the air, even if you have manually switched the air conditioning off. This will only function if the blower is not switched off.

Press the switch to turn the air conditioning on or off. The "ON" or "OFF" LED will light up to indicate if the system is switched on or off.

Other functions will still be regulated automatically (if the AUTO switch is on).

2 Interior air quality sensor

Some vehicles are equipped with a multifilter and air quality sensor. The filter separates gases and particles, thereby reducing the amounts of odors and contaminants entering the vehicle. The air quality sensor detects increased levels of contaminants in the outside air. When the air quality sensor detects contaminated outside air, the air intake closes and the air inside the passenger compartment is recirculated, i.e. no outside air enters the vehicle.

The filter also cleans recirculated passenger compartment air.

When the ECC system is in the AUTO mode, the green LED will be on.

3 Recirculation

Press this switch to engage the recirculation function (air in the passenger compartment recirculates Ц no fresh air enters the compartment).

The LED in the switch will light up to indicate that the function is engaged.

Х Use this function if the outside air is contaminated with exhaust gases, smoke, etc or to heat/cool the vehicle quickly.
Х Recirculation should not be used for more than 15 minutes. If your windows begin to fog or mist, make sure that the recirculation function is switched off.
Х Selecting Defroster automatically switches recirculation off.
Х Timer mode activation: (Vehicles equipped with the Interior Air Quality system have no timer mode) Press and hold the recirculation button for at least 3 seconds to activate a recirculation timer mode. The amber LED in the recirculation button will flash 5 times to show that the timer mode is being activated. In timer mode, each time the recirculation button is pressed, the climate control system will recirculate the air in the passenger compartment for 5 Ц 12 minutes, depending on the outside air temperature, and then revert back to fresh air.
Х Timer mode deactivation: Press and hold the recirculation button for 3 seconds. The amber LED in the recirculation button will illuminate steadily for 5 seconds to show a return to "normal" mode.
Х In normal mode, when the recirculation button is pressed, the climate control system will recirculate the air in the passenger compartment until the recirculation button is pressed again.
Х Timer mode memory: If the vehicle is turned off while timer mode is active, timer mode will still be active when the vehicle is restarted.


This function automatically regulates the Electronic Climate Control system so that the selected temperatures are maintained.

The blower, heating, air distribution (air flow), air conditioning, and optional air quality sensor are controlled. If you prefer to manually set any of these functions, the remaining functions will still be controlled automatically.

Pressing the AUTO button overrides any settings that were previously made manually.

5 Air distribution

Х Air flow to windows

Х Air flow to windows
Х Air through panel vents
Х Air through floor vents

Press AUTO to automatically regulate air flow or press any combination of the controls shown in the illustration to manually adjust air flow. An LED in the switch will light up if an air flow control has been pressed.

6 Passenger compartment temperature sensor

Measures the temperature in the compartment.

7 Defroster

This function defrosts/deices the windshield and front side windows. The LED in the switch will light up to indicate that the defrost function is engaged.

Х Blower speed increases automatically and the air conditioning will switch on (if not already on and if the passenger compartment blower is not turned off) to dehumidify the air in the passenger compartment.
Х Recirculation will not function while defrost is engaged.

The climate system will return to its previous settings when the defroster function is switched off.

8 Rear window and door mirror defrosters

This function defrosts/deices the rear window and door mirrors. The LED in the switch will light up to indicate that the heating function is engaged. For additional information on this function.

Never use ice scrapers made of metal as they can easily scratch the mirror surface.

9 Heated front seats

1. Press the switch once for maximum seat heating. Both LEDs in the switch will be lit.
2. Press the switch a second time for comfort heating. One LED in the switch will be lit.
3. Press the switch a third time to turn the heating off completely. The LED will go off.

The seat heating for the passenger seat should be switched off when the seat is not occupied.

Heated rear seats (XC90 Executive)

Button for rear seat heating

Heating for the respective outboard rear seats can be switched on or off with buttons on either side of the center console (see the illustration).

To switch on rear seat heating:
Press the button.
> The symbol in the button will illuminate.

To switch off rear seat heating:
Press the button.
> The symbol in the button will go out.

10 11 Temperature

These controls are used to individually set the temperature for both sides of the passenger compartment. Please note that the compartment will not be heated or cooled faster by setting the temperature higher or lower than necessary.

Set the control to the temperature you prefer.

12 Blower control

Turn the control clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to decrease the blower speed.

Pressing the AUTO switch will automatically regulate blower speed and override manual adjustment.

Turning the blower control counterclockwise until an orange LED comes on will turn both the blower and the air conditioning off.

13 Blower control for rear climate system

Turn the control to increase or decrease blower speed.

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