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Air conditioning

The vehicle is equipped with Electronic Climate Control (ECC). The climate control system cools, heats or dehumidifies the air in the passenger compartment.


  • The air conditioning can be switched off, but to ensure the best possible climate comfort in the passenger compartment and to prevent the windows from misting, it should always be on.
  • In warm weather, a small amount of water may accumulate under the car when it has been parked. This water is condensation from the A/C system and is normal.

Sensor location

• The sunlight sensor is located on the top side of the dashboard.


The sunlight sensor monitors which side of the car that is most exposed to sunlight. This can mean that the temperature may differ between the right and left-side air vents, even if the temperatures set for both sides of the passenger compartment are the same.

  • The temperature sensor for the passenger compartment is located below the climate control panel.
  • The outside (ambient) temperature sensor is located on the door mirror.
  • The humidity sensor* is located in the interior rearview mirror.


Do not cover or block the sensors with clothing or other objects.

Side windows and moonroof

To ensure that the air conditioning works optimally, the side windows, and the optional moonroof should be closed.

Fog on the inside of the windows

The defroster function should be used to remove fog or mist from the inside of the windows. Keeping the windows clean with a commercially available window washing spray will also help prevent fogging or misting.

Vents in the parcel shelf


The air vents at the rear of the parcel shelf should never be obstructed.

Temporary shut-off of the air conditioning

The air conditioning is momentarily disengaged during full-throttle acceleration or when driving uphill with a trailer. This may result in a temporary increase in cabin temperature.

Ice and snow

Always keep the air intake grille at the base of the windshield free of snow.

Climate system maintenance

Special tools and equipment are required to maintain and carry out repairs on the climate system. Work of this type should only be done by a trained and qualified Volvo service technician.


Volvo cares about the environment. The air conditioning system in your car contains a CFC-free refrigerant – R134a. This substance will not deplete the ozone layer. The air conditioning system contains 1.8 lbs (820 g) of R134a. The systems uses PAG oil.

Passenger compartment filter

Replace the cabin air filter with a new one at the recommended intervals. Please refer to your Warranty and Service Records Information booklet, or consult a trained and qualified Volvo service technician for these intervals. The filter should be replaced more often when driving under dirty and dusty conditions. The filter cannot be cleaned and therefore should always be replaced with a new one.


There are different types of cabin air filters. Ensure that the correct type is installed.

Interior Air Quality System (IAQS)

A multifilter helps reduce gases and particles in the incoming air, thereby reducing the levels of odors and contaminants entering the vehicle. The air quality sensor detects increased levels of contaminants in the outside air. When the air quality sensor detects contaminated outside air, the air intake closes and the air inside the passenger compartment is recirculated, i.e. no outside air enters the vehicle. The filter also cleans recirculated passenger compartment air.


Contact your Volvo retailer for IAQS air filter replacement intervals.

Materials used in the cabin

The materials used in the cabin have been developed to help minimize the amount of dust and make the cabin easier to keep clean. All floor mats can be easily removed for cleaning. Use car cleaning products recommended by Volvo. See also the information beginning on page 328.

Menu settings

The default settings for four of the climate system's functions can be changed in the menu system.

  • Blower speed in automatic mode.
  • Recirculation timer for passenger compartment air.
  • Automatic rear window defrosting.
  • The optional Interior Air Quality System (IAQS).

The functions can also be returned to factory settings in the menu system.

See page 133 for a description of the menu system.

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