Automatic opening

Automatic opening  - Power tailgate - Loading - During your trip - Volvo XC60 Owners Manual - Volvo XC60

The power tailgate can be opened automatically in the three ways:

By pressing and holding the button button on the lighting panel until the tailgate begins to open.

By pressing and holding the button button on the remote key until the tailgate begins to open.

By pressing the rubber-covered button under the outer handle on the tailgate.

The taillights illuminate automatically when the automatic open function is used.

CAUTION Be sure that there is adequate space above and behind the vehicle before opening the tailgate automatically.
The vehicle should not be driven or moved with the tailgate in the open position. However, if the vehicle is moved with the tailgate in the open position, the automatic closing function will be inoperative until one of the following occurs:
The tailgate is closed manually
The ignition is switched off and the key is removed for approximately 10 minutes (the tailgate will function again after restart).

If the tailgate has been opened and closed continuously for more than 60 seconds, the automatic function will be deactivated to avoid overloading the electrical system. The automatic function can be used again after approximately 10 minutes.
If the vehicle's battery has been discharged or disconnected, the tailgate must be opened and closed once manually to reset the system.

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