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Fault in

the Active Bending Light Fault in the Active Bending Light (ABL) system

This symbol will illuminate if the there is a fault in the ABL system. See page 93 for more information about this system.

Malfunction Indicator Light Malfunction Indicator Light

As you drive, a computer called On-Board Diagnostics II (OBDII) monitors your vehicle's engine, transmission, electrical and emission systems.

The malfunction indicator (CHECK ENGINE) light will illuminate if the computer senses a condition that potentially may need correcting.

When this happens, please have your vehicle checked by a trained and qualified Volvo service technician as soon as possible.

A malfunction indicator (CHECK ENGINE) light may have many causes. Sometimes, you may not notice a change in your car's behavior.

Even so, an uncorrected condition could hurt fuel economy, emission controls, and drivability.

Extended driving without correcting the cause could even damage other components in your vehicle.

This light may illuminate if the fuel filler cap is not closed tightly or if the engine was running while the vehicle was refueled.

models are equipped with this Canadian models are equipped with this symbol.

Brake System (ABS) Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) warning light

If the warning light comes on, there may be a malfunction in the ABS system (the standard braking system will still function). Check the system by:

1. Stopping in a safe place and switching off the ignition.

2. Restart the engine.

3. If the warning light goes off, no further action is required.

If the warning light remains on, the vehicle should be driven to a trained and qualified Volvo service technician for inspection, see page 119 for additional information.

models are equipped with this Canadian models are equipped with this symbol.

light Rear fog light

This symbol indicates that the rear fog light (located in the driver's side tail light cluster) is on.

system Stability system

This indicator symbol flashes when the DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control system) is actively working to stabilize the vehicle, see page 149 for more detailed information.

pressure monitoring system Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)*

This symbol illuminates to indicate that tire pressure in one or more tires is low, see page 309 for detailed information.

level Low fuel level

When this light comes on, the vehicle should be refueled as soon as possible. See page 266 for information about fuel and refueling.

Information symbol Information symbol

The information symbol lights up and a text message is displayed to provide the driver with necessary information about one of the vehicle's systems. The message can be erased and the symbol can be turned off by pressing the READ button (see page 131 for information) or this will take place automatically after a short time (the length of time varies, depending on the function affected).

The information symbol may also illuminate together with other symbols.

indicator High beam indicator

This symbol illuminates when the high beam headlights are on, or if the high beam flash function is used.

signal indicator Left turn signal indicator

signal indicator Right turn signal indicator

• Both turn signal indicators will flash when the hazard warning flashers are used.
• If either of these indicators flash faster than normal, the direction indicators are not functioning properly.

This symbol illuminates to indicate that the stability Sport mode

This symbol illuminates to indicate that the stability system's Sport mode has been activated to help provide maximum tractive force, for example when driving with snow chains, or driving in deep snow or loose sand.

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