Washing  - Washing and cleaning the vehicle - Car care - Volvo XC90 Owners Manual - Volvo XC90

The vehicle should be washed at regular intervals since dirt, dust, insects and tar spots adhere to the paint and may cause damage. It is particularly important to wash the vehicle frequently in the wintertime to prevent corrosion, when salt has been used on the roads.
When washing the vehicle, do not expose it to direct sunlight. Use lukewarm water to soften the dirt before you wash with a sponge, and plenty of water, to avoid scratching.
Bird droppings: Remove from paintwork as soon as possible. Otherwise the finish may be permanently damaged.
A detergent can be used to facilitate the softening of dirt and oil.

Chromed wheels: Clean chrome-plated wheels using the same detergents used for the body of the vehicle. Aggressive wheel cleaning agents can permanently stain chrome-plated wheels.

Dry the vehicle with a clean chamois and remember to clean the drain holes in the doors and rocker panels.
Tar spots can be removed with tar remover after the vehicle has been washed.
A stiff-bristle brush and lukewarm soapy water can be used to clean the wiper blades. Frequent cleaning of the windshield and wiper blades improves visibility considerably and also helps prolong the service life of the wiper blades.
Wash off the dirt from the underside (wheel housings, fenders, etc.).
In areas of high industrial fallout, more frequent washing is recommended.

Suitable detergents
Special vehicle washing detergents should be used. A suitable mixture is about 2.5 fl. oz.

(8.5 cl) of detergent to 2.6 US gal. (10 liters) of warm water. After washing with a detergent the vehicle should be well rinsed with clean water.

Avoid waxing or polishing plastic or rubber components
Polishing chromed strips can wear away or damage the surface
Polishes containing abrasive substances should not be used

Dirt, snow, etc., on the headlights can reduce lghting capacity considerably.
Clean the headlights regularly, for example when refueling.
During high pressure washing, the spray mouthpiece must never be closer to the vehicle than 13 " (30 cm). Do not spray into the locks.
Special moonroof cautions:
Always close the moonroof and sun shade before washing your vehicle.
Never use abrasive cleaning agents on the moonroof.
Never use wax on the rubber seals around the moonroof.

Exterior components
Volvo recommends the use of special cleaning products, available at your Volvo retailer, for cleaning colored plastic, rubber, or ornamental components such as chromed strips on the exterior of your vehicle. The instructions for using these products should be followed carefully.

Solvents or stain removers should not be used.

Avoid waxing or polishing plastic or rubber components
Polishing chromed strips can wear away or damage the surface
Polishes containing abrasive substances should not be used

When washing the vehicle, remember to remove dirt from the drain holes in the doors and sills.

When the vehicle is driven immediately after being washed, apply the brakes several times in order to remove any moisture from the brake linings.
Engine cleaning agents should not be used when the engine is warm. This constitutes a fire risk.

Automatic washing simple and quick
We do NOT recommend washing your vehicle in an automatic wash during the first few months (because the paint will not have hardened sufficiently).
An automatic wash is a simple and quick way to clean your vehicle, but it is worth remembering that it may not be as thorough as when you yourself go over the vehicle with sponge and water. Keeping the underbody clean is most important, especially in the winter. Some automatic washers do not have facilities for washing the underbody.
Before driving into an automatic car wash, make sure that side view mirrors, auxiliary lamps, etc, are secure, and that any antenna(s) are retracted or removed. Otherwise there is risk of the machine dislodging them.

Exterior lighting
Condensation may form temporarily on the inside of the lenses of exterior lights such as headlights, fog lights, or tail lights. This is normal and the lights are designed to withstand moisture. Normally, condensation will dissipate after the lights have been on for a short time.

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