Removing the center console

Removing the center console  - Rear seats - Interior - Volvo XC90 Owners Manual - Volvo XC90

In order to make it possible to move the center

In order to make it possible to move the center seat in the second row of seats as far forward as possible (seven-seat models only), the rear section of the center console can be removed.

Pull the handle (see illustration) and lift out the console.
To return the console to its original position, slide it back into position until it clicks into place.

Sliding center seat  second row (sevenseat

Sliding center seat second row (sevenseat models only)

The center seat in the second row can be moved farther forward than the outboard seats. This makes it possible for a child seated in this position to sit closer to the people in the front seats.

Head restraint  second row, center

Head restraint second row, center position

The head restraint in the center position can be adjusted to 4 different heights.

To raise pull the restraint up until it clicks into one of the four heights positions.

To lower press the button at the base of the support (see illustration above) and press the head restraint down.

The center rear seat head restraint should only be in its lowest position when this seat is NOT occupied. When the center position is occupied, the head restraint should be correctly adjusted to the passengers height. The upper edge of the head restraint should be at least on a level with the uppermost point of the seat occupant's ear.

Folding the backrests  second row of

Folding the backrests second row of seats

To help avoid damage to the upholstery, there should be no objects on the rear seat and the seat belt should not be buckled when the backrest is folded down.

1. Move the seat(s) to their rearmost position (seven-seat models only).
2. Pull the loop to fold down an outboard head restraint. Press down the center head restraint if necessary (see page 109).
3. Pull the handle (1) outward to release the backrest. The backrests are designed to lock at a 45 degree angle. Pull the handle again to continue pressing it down until it locks in the horizontal position.

To return the backrests to the upright position, pull handle 1 and pull the backrest up.

Folding the backreststhird row of

Folding the backreststhird row of seats

Folding down the backrest

If necessary, fold in the load anchorage eyelets before folding down the backrests.

1. Move the seats in the second row as far forward as possible.
2. Pull up the handle, illustration 1 above.
3. Push the seat cushion firmly rearward, under the backrest.
4. Fold down the backrests2 (the head restraints fold down automatically) to the horizontal position.

The seats in the third row are not equipped with top tether anchors or ISOFIX/LATCH lower child seat anchors. Child restraint systems should never be used on these seats.

Returning the backrest to the upright position

1. Fold up the backrest to the upright position.
2. Grasp the strap (see illustration 3 above) and pull the seat cushion out until it locks in place. This also locks the backrest in the upright position.

When one or more sections of the backrest is returned to the upright position, check that it is properly locked in place by pushing and pulling it. The red indicators should also not be visible.
Return the outboard head restraints to the upright position.
Long loads should always be securely anchored to help avoid injury in the event of a sudden stop.
Always turn the engine off and apply the parking brake when loading/unloading the vehicle.
Place the transmission in the Park (P) position to help prevent inadvertent movement of the gear selector.
On hot days, the temperature in the vehicle interior can rise very quickly.
Exposure of people to these high temperatures for even a short period of time can cause heat-related injury or death.
Small children are particularly at risk.

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