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Menu settings  - The MY CAR menus - Comfort and driving pleasure - Volvo XC60 Owners Manual - Volvo XC60

The following pages list the main menus/submenus and possible selections.

Car key memory

See pages 86 and 57 for more information.

Lock settings

Automatic door locking
Doors unlock
    All doors
    Driver door, then all
Keyless entry
    All doors
    Any door
    Doors on same side
    Both front doors
Audible confirmation

See page 57 and 63 for more information.

Reduced Guard

Activate once
Ask when exiting

See page 70 for more information.

Side mirror settings

Fold mirrors
Tilt left mirror
Tilt right mirror

See page 103 for more information.

Light settings

Door lock confirmation light
Unlock confirmation light

See page 57 for more information.

Approach light duration
    30 sec
    60 sec
    90 sec

See page 58 for more information.

Home safe light duration
    30 sec
    60 sec
    90 sec

See page 96 for more information.

Triple indicator

See page 95 for more information.

Daytime running lights

See page 92 for more information.

Active bending lights

See page 93 for more information.

Tire pressure system

Warns if tire pressure is too low

Calibrate tire pressure

See page 309 for more information.

Steering wheel force


See page 151 for more information.

Reset car settings

This feature returns the "Car settings" menu to the original factory settings.

MY CAR Settings Settings Driver support Driver support systems

Collision Warning

Collision Warning
Warning distance
Warning sound

See page 174 for more information.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning
On at start-up
Increased sensitivity

See page 183 for more information.


See page 149 for more information.

City Safety

See page 167 for more information.


See page 194 for more information.

Distance Alert

See page 164 for more information.

Driver Alert

See page 180 for more information.

MY CAR Settings Settings System options System options

Set/change time

See page 80 for more information.

Time format

12 h
24 h


The contents of the screen are replaced by another image if this selection is marked. The contents of the screen will be displayed again if one of the buttons (1-4) is pressed, see page 133.

Uncheck the selection to turn the screen saver off.


Select the language for menu texts.

Show help text

This displays help texts for the current menu.

Distance and fuel units


See page 147 for more information about the trip computer.

Temperature unit


Select the temperature scale to be displayed by the climate control unit.

Volume levels

Voice output volume
Front park assist volume
Rear park assist volume
Phone ringing volume

Reset system options

This feature returns the "System options" menu to the original factory settings.

MY CAR Settings Settings Voice settings. Voice settings.

Voice tutorial

Select this menu alternative and press OK for spoken information about how the system works.

Voice command list

Phone commands
    Phone call contact
    Phone dial number
Navigation commands
    Navigation repeat instruction
    Navigation go to address
General commands
    Voice tutorial

The menu alternatives under Phone commands show examples of the voice commands available when a cell phone is connected to the Bluetooth® hands-free system.

See page 241 for more detailed information.

The menu alternatives under Navigation commands show examples of the voice commands available for the optional Volvo Navigation System. Refer to the navigation system's manual for detailed information.

Voice user setting

Default setting
User 1
User 2

Two user profiles can be set, which is useful if more than one person uses voice commands regularly. Default setting resets the factory settings.

Voice training

User 1
User 2

Voice training enables the system to become familiar with the driver's voice and pronunciation.

A list of phrases is presented on the screen for the driver to read aloud. When the system has registered the driver's pronunciation, no additional phrases will be displayed.

After completed voice training, select User 1 or User 2 in Voice user setting to set the system to the current user.

Voice output volume

• A volume control will be displayed. To set the volume level:

1. Adjust the volume using the thumb wheel 2. Test the setting by pressing OK.

3. Store the setting and leave the menu by pressing EXIT.

Voice POI list

Edit list

The navigation system has a large number of points of interest (POIs). A maximum of 30 POIs can be stored in this list.

The menu alternative Voice POI list is only displayed if the vehicle is equipped with the optional Volvo Navigation System. Refer to the navigation system's manual for detailed information.

MY CAR Settings Settings Audio settings Audio settings

See page 204 for more information about the infotainment system.

MY CAR Settings Settings Climate settings Climate settings

Automatic blower adjustment


Recirculation timer

Automatic rear defroster

Interior air quality system

Reset climate settings

This feature returns the "Climate settings" menu to the original factory settings.

For more information about the climate system, see page 139.

MY CAR Settings Settings Favorites (FAV) Favorites (FAV)

See page 211 for more information about this feature.

MY CAR Settings Settings Information Information

Number of keys

See page 56 for more information.

VIN number

See page 351 for more information.

DivX® VOD code

See page 226 for more information.

Bluetooth software version in car

See page 232 for more information.

Map and software version

Refer to the optional Volvo Navigation System manual for more information.

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