Quality and Equipment

Quality and Equipment  - Overview - Volvo V50

A passion for high quality lies at the heart of the Volvo brand's core values. It is inherent not only in the build quality that reflects the ruggedness, durability and reliability for which the marque is renowned, but also in the choice of trim materials.

From the exquisite, free-floating centre instrument stack to the discreet 'theatre lighting', the Volvo V50 exudes a feeling of quality and well-being. The switchgear has a solid, chunky feel, reminding occupants that they are enjoying a premium product. Plus, like other Volvos, the V50's interior is emissions-free as all interior trim materials conform to Oeko-Tex standards and are allergen-free (see Environment).

Customers in the premium sector don't compromise. They expect a high level of luxury equipment and the Volvo V50 does not disappoint, especially when compared with many other premium brand rivals. For example, every Volvo V50 includes an Electronic Climate Control with Volvo's Air Quality System (AQS), alloy wheels, key integrated remote locking and alarm, DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) as well as all the expected Volvo safety features - including SIPS (Side Impact Protection System), IC (Inflatable Curtain), and WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System).

Every Volvo V50 features Volvo's Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS). A car industry first, IDIS uses technology derived from fighter aircraft.

The IDIS function continuously analyses the driver's activity by monitoring steering wheel movements, the position of the accelerator pedal, the indicator function and so on. This information is then processed and each moment is assigned an activity level.

Under normal circumstances, the driver is able to receive phone calls, traffic information, text messages (not while driving) and system warning lights. But when the road conditions require full concentration - such as when they are braking or overtaking - all non-essential signals from the telephone and peripheral systems are withheld until the incident is past.

IDIS is pre-programmed to accommodate future information and communication systems. The more infotainment functions the car possesses, the greater the benefit of IDIS.

The sophisticated electronic networking that makes IDIS possible also allows owners to personalise their Volvo V50's security and audio settings. For example, the Volvo V50's central locking system can be programmed via the menu option on the centre stack to offer the following options:

Unlocking of doors - all doors or only the driver's door
Automatic door locking after driving off for added personal safety, if required
Indicators blink when locking or unlocking - with an option to cancel
Home Safe and Approach lighting (see Security) - variable by 30-, 60- or 90-second intervals

The settings for the audio system's functions can also be customised - news and traffic alerts can be prioritised, for instance.

Customers can pick from a vast range of optional extras, and some are conveniently grouped together to offer better value, such as the Winter, Family, and Communications packs:

Winter Pack: Heated front seats, headlamp cleaning system, luxury floor mats
Family Pack: Integrated booster cushions x 2, power child locks and Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch
Communications Pack: RTI navigation system (with RDS-TMC, map data on hard disk), Keyless Drive and Bluetooth® Hands Free System

There is also a vast range of options designed to accommodate the varying needs of Volvo V50 owners. Active bending headlights, integrated GSM telephone in the dashboard, integrated child booster cushions for the rear seats, and the added convenience of 'Keyless Drive' which, as long as the key is within a certain radius of the car, allows automatic unlocking of the car without using the remote unit and then using a switch on the dashboard to start the engine.

Other practical accessories include ski, surfboard, towbars, or bicycle carriers. And it's even possible to specify a table for the rear centre armrest, which is great news for customers with young families. Each item is designed and built with the same attention to detail as the rest of the car and integrates beautifully into the overall package.

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