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Positions for attaching towing eyelets

Positions for attaching towing eyelets

Emergency towing

The towing eyelet is located in the tool bag, under the floor of the cargo area. This eyelet must be screwed into the positions provided on the right sides of either the front or rear bumper (see illustrations).

To attach the towing eyelet

1. Use a coin to pry open the lower edge of the cover (A)
2. Screw the towing eyelet (C) in place (B), first by hand and then using the tire iron until it is securely in place.

After the vehicle has been towed, the eyelet should be removed and returned to the tool bag. Press the cover back into position.

Do not use the towing eyelets to pull the vehicle up onto a flat bed tow truck.

Precautions when the vehicle is in tow

Х The steering wheel must be unlocked. Turn the ignition key to position I or II.
Х The gear selector must be in position N.
Х Maximum speed: 50 mph (80 km/h). Do not exceed the maximum allowable towing speed.
Х Maximum distance with front wheels on ground: 50 miles (80 km).
Х While the vehicle is being towed, try to keep the tow rope taut at all times.
Х The vehicle should only be towed in the forward direction.

Vehicles with AWD (All Wheel Drive) with the front wheels off the ground should not be towed at speeds above 50 mph (70 km/h) or for distances longer than 30 miles (50 km).

Х Please check with state and local authorities before attempting this type of towing, as vehicles being towed are subject to regulations regarding maximum towing speed, length and type of towing device, lighting, etc.
Х If the vehicle's battery is dead, do not attempt to start the vehicle by pushing or pulling it as this will damage the three-way catalytic converter(s). The engine must be jump started using an auxiliary battery.
Х If the vehicle is being towed on a flat bed truck, the towing eyelets must not be used to pull the vehicle up onto the flat bed or to secure the vehicle on the flat bed. Consult the tow truck operator.

Х Remember that the power brakes and power steering will not function when engine is not running. The braking and steering systems will function but considerably higher pressure will be required on the brake pedal and greater steering effort must be exerted.
Х The towing eyelets must not be used for pulling the vehicle out of a ditch or for any similar purpose involving severe strain. Do not use the towing eyelets to pull the vehicle up onto a flat bed tow truck.

Towing vehicles with front wheel drive/All Wheel Drive

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