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Driver's seat: The seat can be adjusted if the ignition key is in position I, II or if the engine is running. It can also be adjusted as follows with the ignition off:

Х Within several minutes after the driver's door has been unlocked from the outside, has been opened, and remains open.
Х Within a short period if the driver's door has just been closed.
Х Within a short period if the driver's door has not been opened after the ignition has been switched off.

Passenger seat: The seat can only be adjusted if the ignition key is in position I, II or if the engine is running.

Power seat adjustment controls

Power seat adjustment controls

Seat adjustment

Adjust the power seat(s) with the two controls at the side of the seat as follows:

1 Front edge of seat (raise/lower)
2 Forward Ц rearward
3 Rear edge of seat (raise/lower)
4 Backrest tilt

The power seats have an overload protector that activates if a seat is blocked by any object. If this occurs, switch off the ignition (key in position 0 ) and wait for a short period before operating the seat again.

Emergency stop

If the seat accidentally begins to move, press any of the buttons to stop the seat.

Please refer to the following page for information on programming the memory function in the driver's seat.

Remote keyless entry system and the driver's seat

The remote key transmitter also controls the position of the electrically operated driver's seat in the following way:

Х Adjust the seat to your preferences.
Х When you leave your vehicle, lock it using the remote key.

The position of the seat is now stored in the remote key.

Automatic seat adjustment

To move the seat to the position in which you left it:

1. Unlock the driver's door with the same remote key (the one used to lock the doors)
2. Open the driver's door within 2 minutes.

The driver's seat will automatically move to the position in which you left it.

Х The seat will move to this position even if someone else has moved it to a different seating position and locked the vehicle with a different remote key.
Х This feature will work in the same way with all of the remote key transmitters (up to 3) that you use with your vehicle.
Х This feature will not function if you lock your vehicle with the key.

Х Because the driver's seat can be adjusted with the ignition off, children should never be left unattended in the vehicle.
Х Movement of the seat can be STOPPED at any time by pressing any button on the power seat control panel.
Х Do not adjust the seat while driving.
Х The seat should be adjusted so that the brake pedal can be depressed fully. In addition, position the seat as far rearward as comfort and control allow.
Х The seat rails on the floor must not be obstructed in any way when the seat is in motion.

Programming the memory

Programming the memory

Three different seating and door mirror positions can be stored in the driver seat's memory.

The following example explains how button 1 can be programmed. Buttons 2 and 3 can be programmed in the same way.

To program (store) a seat position in button 1:

1. Move the seat to the desired position using the seat adjustment controls.
2. Press and hold down the MEM (memory) button
3. With the MEM button depressed, press button 1 briefly to store the seat's current position.

To move the seat to the position that it was in when button 1 was programmed:

Press and hold down button 1 until the seat stops moving.

As a safety precaution, the seat will stop automatically if the button is released before the seat has reached the preset position.

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