Quality and equipment

Quality and equipment  - Overview - Volvo C70

A passion for high quality lies at the heart of the Volvo brand. This is inherent not only in the build quality that reflects the ruggedness, durability and reliability for which Volvo is renowned, but also in the choice of body and trim materials. From the exquisite, free-floating centre instrument stack to the discreet 'theatre lighting', the new Volvo C70 exudes a feeling of quality and well-being. The switchgear has a solid, chunky feel and the fascia is enveloped in soft-touch plastics, reminding occupants that they are enjoying a premium product.

Volvo typically offers higher levels of equipment than rival premium car makers, and the Volvo C70 is one of the best equipped cars in its class. There are three trim levels available: S, SE and SE Lux.

The S model features a comprehensive standard specification including ECC (Electronic Climate Control), 16" alloy wheels, DSTC, front fog lights, power windows, information centre, Cruise Control, Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch and Performance sound audio system with CD, floor mats, Bauxite trim and Borgholm upholstery.

Volvo never compromises on safety. Key safety equipment are standard on all new Volvo C70 models including dual stage driver and passenger airbags, Volvo's SIPS (side impact protection system), plus ROPS (rollover protection system) and door-mounted inflatable curtain.

In addition to the equipment on the S specification, the SE includes Bluetooth handsfree, Rear Park Assist, 17" alloy wheels, Haverdal leather/T-Tec upholstery, aluminium trim, rain sensing wipers and a high-performance 1xCD/radio audio system with eight speakers and 4x40 W amplifier.

Over and above the SE the top-of-the-range SE Lux has power folding door mirrors including ground lights and a power drivers seat, leather upholstery and Active Bending Lights with Headlamp Cleaning System.

Premium Upgrade

Volvo is also offering the ultimate upgrade with an additional Premium specification on any engine in SE and SE Lux trim levels. The Premium Pack includes the addition of leather upholstery and Satellite Navigation System (RTI). The Premium model is designed to complement the existing high level of specification whichever model is chosen.

Sound system

Volvo is one of the few car manufacturers to develop its own sound system - and the sound is superb. Whether it's concert hall or outdoor arena, the sound system has been developed to offer high-class sound reproduction with the roof up or down. Digital Sound Processing (DSP) automatically adjusts volume and tone settings to the car's speed and when the roof is up or down. The sound experience is the same, irrespective of conditions.

The Dynaudio speakers in the Volvo C70 are of extremely high quality. In the doors there are well-proportioned three-way speakers. The bass drivers are 8-inch with powerful 3-inch voice coils that can withstand high output. Even the midrange drivers have powerful voice coils. The tweeters are made of fabric (silk dome tweeter), a Dynaudio speciality that helps produce a cleaner sound. Each speaker has a passive crossover to produce a harmonious, total sound experience with the best possible bandwidth and dynamics.

Specially developed centre speakers on the dashboard interact with the door speakers to create a natural, homogeneous sound.

The rear side panels have combined bass/mid-range drivers. They have powerful voice coils and the same type of tweeters as in the front doors.


In addition, every new Volvo C70 features IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System). The IDIS function continuously analyses the driver's activity by monitoring steering wheel movements, the position of the accelerator pedal, the indicator function and so on. This information is then processed and each moment is assigned an activity level.

In certain circumstances the driver can make phone calls, read text messages (not while driving) and receive traffic information. But when the road conditions require their full concentration - such as when they are braking, overtaking or manoeuvring - all non-essential signals from the telephone and peripheral systems are withheld until the incident is past. IDIS is pre-programmed to accommodate future information and telematics communication systems. The more infotainment functions the car possesses, the greater the benefit of IDIS.

The sophisticated electronic networking that makes IDIS possible also allows owners to personalise their vehicle. For example, the Volvo's central locking system can be programmed via the menu option on the centre stack to offer the following options:

Unlocking of doors - all doors or only the driver's door.
Automatic door locking after driving off for added personal safety, if required.
Indicators blink when locking or unlocking - with an option to cancel.
Home Safe and Approach lighting - variable by 30-, 60- or 90-second intervals.

The system also allows the settings for the audio system to be customised - news and traffic alerts can be selected, for instance.

Customers can pick from a vast range of optional extras, and some are conveniently grouped together to offer better value, such as the Winter and Convenience packs.

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