Audio/video playback through the A/VAUX socket

Audio/video playback through the A/VAUX socket  - A/V-AUX socket, 12-volt socket - Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) - Infotainment - Volvo XC60 Owners Manual - Volvo XC60

1. Switch on one of the rear screens by pressing its On/Off button.

2. Use the remote control's to button to select a screen (L: left rear screen, F: front screen, or R: right rear screen). Point the remote control toward the selected screen's IR transceiver and press the AUX . Release the button and wait several button several times to come to A/V AUX . Release the button and wait several seconds to confirm your choice.

3. Switch on the connected device and press PLAY (or the device's equivalent button).

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