Ski hatch

Ski hatch  - Loading - During your trip - Volvo S60 Owners Manual - Volvo S60

There is a hatch in the right section of the rear seat backrest that can be opened

There is a hatch in the right section of the rear seat backrest that can be opened for transportation.

  1. Fold the right backrest forward.
  2. Release the hatch in the rear seat backrest by sliding the catch up while folding the hatch forward.
  3. Return the backrest to the upright position with the hatch open.

Use the seat belt to prevent the load from moving.


  • Always secure the load to help prevent it from moving in the event of sudden braking.
  • Switch off the engine, apply the parking brake and put the gear selector in P when loading and unloading the vehicle.

The cover on the rear seat armrest/child seat has no hinge. The cover must be removed before the ski hatch is used.


Open the cover 30 degrees and lift straight up.


Insert the cover in the grooves behind the upholstery and close the cover.

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