Front seats

Front seats  - Seats - Your driving environment - Volvo S60 Owners Manual - Volvo S60

1 - Lumbar support: turn the control for firmer or softer lumbar support.

1 - Lumbar support: turn the control for firmer or softer lumbar support.

2 - Front-rear adjustment: lift the bar and move the seat to the position of your choice.

3 - Raise/lower front edge of seat cushion, pump up/down.

4 - Backrest tilt: turn the control to adjust the angle of the backrest.

5 - Raise/lower the seat, pump up/down. Control panel for power seat*.


  • Do not adjust the seat while driving. The seat should be adjusted so that the brake pedal can be depressed fully. In addition, position the seat as far rearward as comfort and control allow.
  • Check that the seat is securely locked into position after adjusting.
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